A new hope is born for cancer treatment

The entire medical world for the past year coronavirus It is involved in drug and vaccine studies to eliminate the epidemic. However, each year approximately 7 million takes human life cancer disease treatment new hope seems to have arisen for

A new drug has been developed for cancer treatment

Colognein Max Planck Aging Biology Institute, Stockholmin Karolinska Institute and Gothenburg UniversityCo-developed by an international research team from cancer disease a new hope for Waiting.

Mitochondria treatment, cancer It is one of the most promising treatments that patients have applied in recent years. With this new drug jointly developed by German and Swedish scientists, cancer drugs It is thought that the negative effects it causes can be eliminated by this method.

Previously mitochondria cancer disease It turned out that the proliferation and increasing the killing rate also came to the fore. In this sense, many drugs have been developed on mitochondria therapy in recent years. However, these drugs use toxic substances to inactivate mitochondria, cancer treatment could cause irreversible damage to the body afterwards.

Scientists, mitochondria He developed an alternative to toxic drugs used to neutralize, that is, damaging the integrity of the body. Only cancerous cells This target drug neutralizes mitochondria while not harming healthy cells.


In the development of this drug, mitochondria mtDNA It has a unique genetic material called. Thanks to the drug that targets this genetic structure, the team prevents cancer cells from multiplying without harming healthy cells. could prevent.

Again coronavirus who achieved significant success with his vaccine BioNTech founder Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahinpost-epidemic cancer vaccine He gave the good news that they would improve. Do you think post-coronavirus scientists cancer vaccine can it come together to improve? We are waiting your comments.

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