A new feature is coming for Google Maps!

Evolving over time Google MapsApart from guiding from one point to another, it also includes many different features. Slowly to social media app inverted Google Maps, community notification feature is further developing with. Google is the day of the Maps community More than 20 million posts and that this community is growing.

Most of these posts were stated as recommendations, business updates, address updates, new reviews and reviews.

Community notification feature for Google Maps coming

With the new feature brought by Google, users can more reliable updates and notifications can receive. This feature will be found in the Explore tabs of Google Maps. Blog shared by Google in your post “You can see the latest reviews, photos, and posts posted on Google Maps by local experts and the people you follow, as well as food and beverage vendors,” he said for the new feature.

New for Google Maps community notification feature to see what’s going on around you your cards you can visit. Home to your favorite restaurant menu when you add a new dish, you can be aware of these updates. If you are looking for a new hike or a popular day trip nearby, best recommendations You can browse your stream for

Community notification feature, sent to Google lots of local information after receiving to suit users’ interests shaping. In food and beverage preferences kitchens or meals you marked You’ll be able to see more suggestions, reviews, photos and business posts about With the community notification feature, businesses package service feature You can see if the company received corona virus security measures you can have a look. Community notification feature, iOS and Android has been made available by


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