A first from Samsung: 90 Hz OLED panel

Over time experienced by the hardware performance increasessmartphones and laptops to high refresh rate has led to the emergence of panels. Has a high refresh rate OLED panels are found in the smartphone market, but 6 in the laptop marketBeyond 0 Hz they could not pass. Developed by Samsung for notebook computers 90 Hz OLED panel production will start soon.

OLED panels, more on high-end laptops and used in 4K resolution.

Samsung starts production of 90 Hz OLED panels for laptops

New 90 Hz panels to be produced, the existing standard 60 Hz refresh rate Although there is no significant leap, it will be produced in the future.20 and 144 Hz OLED panels will pave the way. OLED panels compared to LCD panels enhanced viewing anglessaturated colors, higher contrast ratios and better HDR performance offers. However, the low refresh rates in the panels, especially on player computers making it difficult to use.

Samsung Displays for laptops this year the world’s first 90Hz OLED panels announced its production plan. In march Although not much details are shared by Samsung about the production to start, there is a large amount of 14 inch 90Hz OLED panels specified to be produced.

90 Hz OLED panel manufactured by Samsung, compared to LCD panel much faster response times (GtG) will have. South Korean manufacturer of new OLED panel 10 times faster than the fastest panel on the market stated. According to Samsung, thanks to this fast response time 90 Hz OLED panel with 120 Hz LCD panel have the same smoothness performance.

Laptop computers with 90 Hz OLED panels, in the first place to high price tags expected to have. However, the spread of technology and reduction of costs with OLED panels in the coming years will lead the laptop market estimated.


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