RTX 3060 launched in Pakistan: twice the price

Held on January 12 CES 2021 Introduced with the activity RTX 3060has been awaited by the players for a long time. American video card manufacturer NVIDIAIn general, the best selling cards are xx60 (such as 1060, 2060) models. However, according to the latest news early RTX 3060 price in flight. If the price of the reference model RTX 3060 card is 329 dollars.

Coming with 12 GB of VRAM, the RTX 3060 is a card that intermediate players have been eagerly waiting for.

NVIDIA RTX 3060 may upset those waiting with its price

On February 25 The RTX 3060, which will be officially released, has already started to be offered for sale by various retailers. Based in Pakistan and known as ZAH Computers an official Palit video card vendorRTX 3060 model with 120,000 PKR (about $ 750) over priced. Questions began to arise over the implementation of such a pricing policy by an official seller.

Experienced in graphics cards stock shortagescaused prices to rise. Graphics cards around the world cannot be bought the prices of the cards offered for sale was almost 50 percent increase. Will be available on February 25 RTX 3060 can take its share from these increases. Pakistani seller, card offered for sale early may demand high prices for troubles in stocks may be the reason for this demand.

Price of reference model RTX 3060 329 dollars was explained as. MSI, Asus and Gigabyte Such an increase was not expected, although cards from such manufacturers were expected to be sold at higher prices.

In the first place, with its price, the players in our country are also happy RTX 3060due to stock problems from the high price available for sale. RTX 3060 cards Turkey prices possible Since there is no information about the cards yet, we have to wait for the cards to go on sale.

New hope for IVF treatment: Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology It has started to spread to every aspect of our lives today. IVF treatment Although it is a source of hope for families who cannot have children, success rates with the current methods used 22 percent with 30 percent between. Artificial intelligence developed using new IVF treatment this rate in the first trials 50 percent raised above the level.

How does IVF treatment with artificial intelligence work?

Actually artificial intelligence with IVF treatment It is not the first time we come across technology. Already applied in Turkey Smart PGD and a treatment named works on a similar logic to the newly found treatment.

A women’s enterprise in Israel Embryonicswas able to use artificial intelligence much more effectively in embryo selection. IVF treatment Basically, the sperm taken from the male and the eggs taken from the woman are fertilized and the healthy ones are selected among the embryos that develop afterwards, that is, the fertilized eggs.

This choice made by doctors in known methods is healthy embryo it is not enough to choose. If the embryo is not strong enough, it reduces the success rate of pregnancy.

Embryonics firm of developing embryos 8 thousand 789 times They analyze their time-lapse video and use them to train an algorithm to predict the probability of it turning into a positive, healthy embryo.

According to the first results of this approach, 11 women between the ages of 20 and 40 participated in the application. 6 of them It turned out that she was successfully pregnant. Although results for the other five have not yet been announced, the method according to the first tests more than 50 percent it succeeds.

This method developed with artificial intelligence, Smart PGD methods such as artificial intelligence technology can make it use. The treatment is still in the testing phase and it was explained by experts that it should be tried on more patients to understand how effective it is.

Record budget from Ford to electric and autonomous vehicles

Automobile manufacturer FordAt a meeting held on Thursday, senior executives of the company said that the company’s investment in electric and autonomous vehicles For 29 billion dollars He said he took it off. Automaker before 2022 to electrify the vehicle series up to 11.5 billion dollars had committed to invest. Ford, the current timeline 2025 and doubles the previous spending amount.

Record budget from Ford to electric and autonomous vehicles

As a result of the newly announced plan, the automaker Ford 2025 to autonomous vehicles until 7 billion dollarsfor electric vehicles 22 billion dollars will spend.

Ford says most of the vehicles it plans to produce will be electric vehicles, but the company also has traditional combustion engines. hybrid and plug-in hybrid He stated that he will accommodate models.

In addition, the company was fully electric last year. Transit Let us remind you that he introduced his minibus. It is also Ford’s best selling F-150 It should be noted that he plans to introduce an electric version of his pickup truck later this year.

In addition, Ford’s new CEO, who made statements on the subject,To position the country’s oldest automaker as a leader in the future of mobility and transportation.more aggressiveLaunched as a plan.

At the same time, CEO, Fordrepresenting the types of agreements that are at the turning point for a digital future, 2023since the technology giant Android software “millionsAnother announcement was found that it will be working with Google to integrate it into the tool.

Retrospective tax investigation opened against Youtubers

Treasury and Finance Ministry ofFrom n to Youtubers retrospective 5-year tax investigation opened. The Ministry, through payments made to Google Ireland account of real persons in Turkey 5 years retrospective It officially announced that a tax investigation was opened. YouTube Earnings from social media platforms such as, were previously non-taxable. As the time passes, who found that Youtubers made serious gains from this business Ministry of Treasury and Finance, in recent years, Youtubers taxable stated that it was.

On Youtube platform more than 1000 subscribers when and loaded the limit of watching videos is 4 thousand hours when passed, to the broadcast videos advertisement starting to be given. Many Youtubers, who have earned from these ads according to the number of views, have for not reporting their earnings serious tax penalties was faced with. If you have a goal to produce content for social media platforms such as Youtube, you should be very careful about this issue. Otherwise, you may encounter very serious tax penalties in the future.

Back tax penalties started to increase significantly

Many producers of content on the Youtube platform in our country Youtubernaturally did not know that their earnings were taxable as they started producing content at a fairly young age. However, these gains Ministry of Treasury and FinanceMany Youtubers after stuck on I’s radar 100 thousand TL with Serious tax penalties ranging from TL 360 thousand had been cut.

After the retrospective tax penalties started to increase, Youtubers, President of revenue managementThey started to ask whether the earnings they made on Youtube are taxable or not by applying to. The Youtubers, who thought that they were not subject to tax because they started to produce content at an early age, received the answer that these revenues were classified as commercial activity and taxable because they were based on labor-capital organizations.

In this context, in accordance with Article 37 of the Income Tax Law, it is stated that the earnings arising from all kinds of commercial and industrial activities are commercial income. taxable The answer was given.

On top of all these developments comes 201 liras for one time Receiving Youtube channel owner, even if it doesn’t generate any income submit an empty VAT return every month 64 lira 10 kurus stamp tax will pay. Also, 30 lira 15 kuruş income tax with, 97 TL 20 kuruş for Income Tax Return, for the attached business account summary 35 lira 80 cents will pay stamp duty, Monthly accountant fee for SM or CPA will pay.

How to reset iPad? [Resimli Anlatım]

AppleDespite all of the engineering studies of iPadin case your is not responding some situations when you need to reset your device has. iOS Users can often experience this situation due to a software error caused by the operating system itself or a malfunctioning application.

In such case, to solve the problem iPad You may need to perform a reset. Of course before resetting iPad your restart is required. If it is a temporary problem it will probably be resolved this way.

How to reset iPad?

iPad operating system iOS, with its new name iPadOS, It causes some serious problems with your iPad that are sometimes considered serious. However, these problems can be solved software. At this point, we can restore the iPad to factory settings in two different ways.

Method 1: reset via iPad

Step 1: To reset the device first Find feature we have to close. For this Settings> your iCloud name> Find> Find My iPad Turn off this feature from step.

Step 2: Settings> General> Reset on the menu Erase All Content and Settings With the option, your iPad will look like the first day you bought it. to factory settings you can convert.

Method 2: reset iPad with iTunes

On iPad, you can use a Mac or Windows PC to: delete iPad all data and settings, restore iPad to factory settings, and install the latest iPadOS version. If you can’t open Settings on iPad, follow these steps to factory reset iPad:

Step 1: Connect the iPad to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 2: If you are using a Windows PC iTunes Open the app. macOS 10.15 and newer if you are using a version Select your iPad in the Finder sidebar.

For iPad reset as on Windows PC if you are an old version of macOS user You need to use iTunes.

Step 3: Located at the top left of the iTunes window on Windows PC. to the iPad icon Press, SummaryClick and restore to iPadSelect.

With the two methods in our guide, you can use your iPad like the first day and eliminate existing problems.

Galaxy S21 Ultra screen difference registered

Samsungnew flagship model of Galaxy S21 UltraIt differs from other models of the brand with its screen. Device compared to Note 20 Ultra less energy consuming and more shine provides.

Galaxy S21 Ultra screen shines in daylight

The S21 Ultra has been certified for its high brightness level and yet more efficient energy consumption. For a certificate named ‘Sunlight visibility’ color gamut also took the test. In the daylight of the S21 Ultra, DCI-P3 color standard 73 percent It was clear that he met. This ratio goes up to 99 percent indoors.

Galaxy S21 Ultra screenCompared to Note 20 Ultra; consumes 20 percent less energy and it does this by offering more shine. This comparison Galaxy S20 When done with, the difference rises to 31 percent.

S21 Ultra display features

S21 Ultra, Dynamic AMOLED with 6.8 inch QHD + (1440 x 3200) resolution HDR10 + support has screen. 2 x adaptive retrofit panel Between 10-120 Hz It saves power by automatically adjusting itself in values. While there is eye comfort protection on the screen, 1500 nit brightness its presentation draws attention. The device has an under-screen fingerprint sensor. S21 Ultra, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protected by.

PS5 users are now in the DualSense riot!

Since the market launched in November last year PlayStation 5 The problems with do not stop. Now the players DualSense He is complaining about problems with his controller and consoles on social media.

Slippage in the DualSense controller made players riot

Sony’s next generation Console PS5 It brings problems as well as good. One Reddit user of, PS5 10 days after receiving DualSense experiencing slipping problems in the controller and turning the console on and off, Bluetooth He stated that even though he tried solutions like turning it on and off, resetting the controller, and charging it fully overnight, the problem wasn’t gone.

Another Reddit user said he had the same problem. video shared. In the 14-second clip, Destiny 2ndThe player who plays, pulls his fingers from the controller, but his gun drags itself.

Although the problem seems serious, the company is at this stage. DualSense A fix option for it does not seem possible. However, with a special portal for problems with the controller Sony’s PlayStation Users who have problems on the support page submit their complaints. PlayStation the support team is currently PS5 Considering that they are overwhelmed with demands for supply, it does not seem easy for them to respond. But DualSense It is also worth noting that the deviation is under warranty.

SpaceX to launch Starlink satellites once again

Owned by Elon Musk SpaceX, internet project from space Starlink is preparing to send new satellite satellites to space. Starlink satellites, which have increased in number with 10 satellites sent recently, will provide internet use from all over the world. SpaceX launches periodically for satellites that will surround the world.

SpaceX has recently come to the fore with the number of satellites carried at a time. The Falcon 9 rocket carried 143 satellites into space at the same time. Among these satellites, ASELSAT 3U Kup satellite, which was developed jointly by ASELSAN and Istanbul Technical University, was also included.

SpaceX is on the agenda with the new Starlink satellite launch

Work continues for Starlink, one of the most talked about projects. The coverage area continues to be expanded by sending new satellites for the project, which met with beta users and started to be used in some regions. The new launch will take place on February 1 at 14:41 (TSI) Kennedy Space Center 39A Launch Pad. Weather conditions must be suitable for the launching process.

With the Starlink satellite launch made by SpaceX in the past days, 10 satellites provided internet connection to the US state of Alaska. It is currently unknown in which region the new 60 satellites will serve.

It was stated that the US Federal Communications Board requires permission to put the satellites sent for Alaska into orbit. With the permission, it was stated that SpaceX was launching.

With Starlink satellites, 100 Mbps (12.5 Megabytes per second) and low ping values ​​can be received. With Starlink, it is aimed to provide internet usage in places where internet access is not available.

Apple suspended car calls

According to a new report that came out Apple‘of, Hyundai and Kia with an electric “Apple Car“Talks about building were paused recently.

Apple Car controversy cannot be resolved

According to the news of Bloomberg AppleWas disturbed by Hyundai announcing that it is in talks to participate in the electric car project. Because in early January Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia backed without explanation.

It is unclear how long the discussions will continue or not. But HyundaiThere are internal conflicts in China that could derail plans. According to the leaked information Hyundaior KiaIt is thought that there is a “disagreement” as to whether or not to produce the Apple autonomous vehicle.

Additionally, in another report from January, Hyundai managers, still as a customer Apple He stated that they were thinking about whether working with him was worth the risks.

It should also be noted that if negotiations continue, Kia is expected to be a more likely election.

At the same time, ba source BloombergHe told that Apple was discussing similar plans with other automakers, but did not name any. Apple is also said to have met with more than one Japanese automaker.

In the event of production for the vehicle, Hyundaiof E-GMP It is claimed to be built on the electric vehicle platform and produced in conjunction with Hyundai’s component design and production.

Finally, in early February, Apple is said to be doing with Kia to bring its autonomous car to life. 3.6 billion Let’s also note that the dollar investment agreement is approaching. It looks like it will be clear in the future what kind of an outcome we will encounter about Apple’s car, which is based on many rumors.

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