5 new Galaxy models coming from Samsung

On February 2 Galaxy M02will launch SamsungIt turned out to be announcing five new Galaxy models in different markets in February.

Galaxy F62, F12, A72 and A52 5G support pages released

Samsung new entry-mid-range Galaxy smartphones preparing to launch. Support pages for five new models on Samsung’s official website are already live in various regions.

Now on the Samsung India page Galaxy F12 and Galaxy F62 This means that two new devices that are supposed to be developed in collaboration with Flipkart will be released soon. Galaxy A52 5G while being published on the Australian page, Galaxy M02 and Galaxy A72 models were published on the page in the Thailand and Caribbean region.

Galaxy F12 and Galaxy F62 models exclusive to india expected to be but with similar characteristics Galaxy A and Galaxy M series models come to different markets Waiting. Samsung’s mid-range portfolio gained more popularity last year as changes in the economic environment caused flagship sales to decline.


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