3 nm architecture studies were interrupted by TSMC

One of the world’s leading mobile processor manufacturers Taiwan of origin TSMCfor processors recently manufactured with 3 nm architecture 2023 marked his year. However, there were developments that disrupted the company’s plans. Of the company in production facilities Looking at current studies, Transition to 3 nm architecture than expected hard it will be.

The transition date to 3 nm targeted by TSMC may be delayed

In TSMC’s production facilities, workshops are behind schedule remained. Digitimes According to the report announced by; these delays are not ordinary disruptions and the resulting changes to 3 nm difficulties above expectations happened.

In the last month of 2020 TSMC by 3 nm architecture pointed to 2023 date may also change due to these developments. Therefore, currently used, 5 nm Processors leaving the manufacturing process will have a longer lifespan than expected.


The party that will be pleased with this news will be TSMC’s rival Intel. Due to these problems on the TSMC side Intelwill want to seize an opportunity in the Asian market, where it lags behind its rival.

Let’s look at the advantages to be provided to users by smartphones with 3 nm processors targeted by TSMC. Nanometer architecture expressed by transistors distances between expresses. The smaller this distance, the more transistors can be placed in the processor and the distance traveled by the energy to the transistors decreases. In this case, warming and power consumption Affects issues such as positively.


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