200 Megapixel surprise for ZTE Axon 30 Pro

Samsung leaked a few weeks ago 200 Megapixels continues to make sound with the camera sensor with resolution. According to a new leak ZTE Axon 30 Pro, 200 Megapixels may be the first smartphone with resolution.

ZTE Axon 30 Pro features In addition, an important leak has occurred for the processor. By the way, the previous phone of the series Axon 20It is worth remembering that it made history as the first smartphone with an under-screen camera. In the visual we use in the main image Axon 20 belongs to the model.

ZTE Axon 30 Pro camera with 200 Megapixel resolution leaked

ZTE Axon series is one of the important players in the middle segment. Although the Chinese brand does not play high in the smartphone market, it has a significant market share in its homeland.

ZTE Axon 20 first with model under screen camera The innovative brand that used the module is now also Samsung’s leaked last week. 200 Megapixels It looks like it will come with its sensor with resolution.

Samsung is actually not a company that uses high-end sensors to many competitors without using it on their flagship. Also now Galaxy S21 Ultra used in the new ISOCELL HM3 sensor already another Android not used by the phone manufacturer.

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Emerging ZTE Axon 30 Pro camera features if between Samsung S5KGND your sensor named 50 Megapixels appears to have the main resolution. It was also shared in the leak that this new sensor has 200 Megapixel support. But Axon 30 ProWhether to use this resolution is a matter of curiosity.

Sensor size 1 / 1.37 inchif the pixel size 1.28µm. Which is currently the best Samsung camera sensor HM3is the sensor size 1 / 1.33 inchif the pixel size is 0.8µm level.

Apart from this newly leaked sensor, Samsung’s 600 Megapixels It was previously claimed to work on such an incredible sensor.

According to the last leak Axon 30 Pro for Snapdragon 888 It turned out to use the processor. From company 200 Megapixels Although there is no official share about the camera and processor, the poster prepared for the processor has emerged. case.


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