16-core Intel Alder Lake-S processor displayed

Intel, Alder Lake series At the end of 2021 confirmed that it will launch. Finally From the 14 nm manufacturing process will move away, Alder Lake processors for Intel a big step it will be. In addition to all these, Alder Lake series, DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 It will be the first processors to support the standards. Now, before 11th generation processors are introduced Intel Alder Lake-S processor leaked.

Besides the PCIe 5.0 interface PCIe 4.0 interface will be available with 11th generation Rocket Lake processors.

16 core / 24 track 12th generation Intel Alder Lake-S processor leaked

Changing the manufacturing technology in Alder Lake processors, Intel, To 10 nm node will switch. But that’s not the only change. As with Arm-based processors a hybrid design planning to use Intel, performance and power saving focused nuclei at the same time will place. This hybrid design is yet in desktop processors It is unknown what kind of result will come out because he did not try.

Known for its leaked processors on Twitter @TUM_APISAK produced by Intel Alder Lake-S processor, 16 cores 24 threads Comes with structure. The main reason for this is power saving focused kernels hyper-threading (multi-track). For these 8 power-saving oriented cores 8 tracks for 8 performance-oriented cores 16 tracks to be reserved.

The base clock speed of the processor 1.38 GHz while the turbo frequency speed is 17.6 GHz looks as. Base clock rate, likely power-saving oriented kernels based on. However, as the kernel architecture has changed, the program is likely to increase the maximum frequency rate. correctly can not detect. Therefore, 17.6 GHz don’t reflect the truth we can say.

In total 30 MB L3 While the cache is located, the cache per core is 1.25 MB is happening.

Since this leaked processor is still in the testing phase, the scores obtained in the single and multi-core tests do not reflect the truth.


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