The titles that will compete in the 25th anniversary of L’Alternativa

The titles that will compete in the 25th anniversary of L’Alternativa

The Independent Film Festival of Barcelona, ​​L’Alternativa , reaches its 25th edition this year. Twenty-five years defending the author’s creative independence, diversity, innovation, freedom, commitment and reflection. It will be held from November 12 to 18 and its parallel sections include a retrospective of the Belgian filmmaker Boris Lehman , the “Ellas Cortan” section , dedicated to the female filmmakers, as well as the Panorama section, of national productions, and the Small Experiments section, of children’s cinema. In a few days, everything will be revealed about the Panorama section. Meanwhile, L’Alternativa de Barcelona announces the films that will be part of its competitive official sections, many of which can be seen on Filmin the week after the conclusion of the festival. In the next days too, we will announce the selected titles.

In the official section of feature films, 9 international films will compete: America , by Erick Stoll and Chase Whiteside (United States); Black Mother , by Khalik Allah   (U.S); Silence is a body that falls from Agustina Comedi   (Argentina); The wolf house , by Joaquín Cociña and Cristóbal León (Chile); Our New President , by Maxim Pozdorovkin   (United States / Russia); War theater , by Lola Arias   (Argentina / Spain / Germany); The Image You Missed , by Donal Foreman (United States); Trote , by Xacio Baño (Spain / Lithuania); and Once the night , by Antonia Rossi   (Chile).

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In the official section of short films, 19 international films will compete: A Brief Spark Bookended by Darkness , by Brent Green (United States); Dva na dva ( Two for Two ), by Jelena Oroz (Croatia); The sky of animals , by Juan Renau (Argentina); Между кадрами ( In Between Takes ), by Alexei Dmitriev (Russia); La Mesa , by Adrian Garcia Gomez (United States); The forces , of Paola Buontempo (Argentina); Las Nubes , by Juan Pablo González (Mexico); Le case che eravamo , by Arianna Lodeserto (Italy);   Those who wish , by Elena López Riera   (Switzerland / Spain); Mini Miss , by Rachel Daisy Ellis (Brazil); Mon amour , mon ami , by Adriano Valerio (Italy / France); Mountain Plain Mountain , by Daniel Jacoby and Yu Araki (Spain / Japan); Music & Clowns , by Alex Widdowson (United Kingdom); Optimism, by Deborah Stratman (United States / Canada); Because the salt , by Cardozo Basteiro (Spain); Prends garde à l’intuition , by Robin Courtel (France); Reasonable Watchfulness , by Talena Sanders (United States); Sharaa Al-Mawt , from Karam Ghossein (Lebanon / Germany); and This My Favorite Mural , by Michael Arcos (United States).


L’Alternativa 2018 also announces two new special sessions. The first is a monographic of all the short films by the Galician director Xacio Baño . L’Alternativa has programmed and awarded its pieces Ser e voltar and Eco, also selected by festivals such as Locarno or Clermont-Ferrand, and its first feature, Trote , premiered at the Locarno festival and is in the official section of the 25th Alternative . The other new special session of the festival will be the preview of the documentary film Idrissa , chronicle of any death , of the independent producer Metromuster ( Xavi Artigas and Xapo Ortega ), known especially for your work Ciutat Morta , which was also screened at l ‘ Alternative. Idrissa, chronicle of any death, constructs a collective portrait of the migratory reality, the violation of rights and exploitation suffered by migrants in European territory. It does so from the investigation into the death of the young Guinean Idrissa Diallo in the Foreigners’ Center of Barcelona, ​​the night of kings of 2012.

As we had already announced, the special sessions of l’Alternativa 2018 are completed with the premiere in Barcelona of Entre dos aguas , by Isaki Lacuesta (Concha de Oro in San Sebastián), as the opening film of the festival; the screening of the film   The silence of others , that continues during 6 years to the protagonists of the Argentine Querella against the crimes of Franco; the screening of the documentary by Alba Sotorra Comandante Arian , about the commander of a battalion of women in Syria who are fighting against the Islamic State; and the closing film of the festival, Boris Mitić’s In Praise of Nothing , narrated in verse by Iggy Pop and played by Pascal Comelade and The Tiger Lillies.

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