Chronicle Sitges 2018: “Lords of Chaos” black metal psychos

Chronicle Sitges 2018: “Lords of Chaos” black metal psychos

In “Lords of Chaos” the story of a young man who wants to give a new twist to the black metal scene in Oslo ends up having fatal consequences. The new movie of the father of the video clip, Jonas Akerlund , is a nimble, vibrant and unique hybrid of biopic, horror and teen-angst that tells the tragic and terrifying real events that concern the infamous history of the black metal band Mayhem from a tantrum so provocative and reckless, as definitely stimulating.

What is it?

“Lords of Chaos” tells the bizarre story of Mayhem after the death of “Dead”, one of its members; it was then that the relationship between bassist Varg Vikernes and his leader Euronymous led to the burning of some churches and a real blood bath.

Who’s behind?

Its responsible is none other than the renowned video artist Jonas Akerlund , prodigal son of the videoclip who has worked with such disparate groups as U2 , Blondie , Lady Gaga , Smashing Pumpkins, Rammstein, Madonna or Beyoncé . As a film director he debuted with the cult work “Spun” , a frantic descent into the world of drugs where comedy and debauchery reign that you can (re) discover in Filmin.

Who goes out?

Perhaps it is one of its main burdens, not because of the work of its actors, but because of the credibility and veracity of those who endow the recreation of this real story. That the Americans Rory Culkin , Emory Cohen and Sky Ferreira give life to the members of an intrinsically Norwegian band does not fit. Your language should be Norwegian and not English. Once again, commercial scope is imposed on artistic and conceptual rigor. It is what it is.

What is it?

“Metalhead” + “American Psycho”

What does it offer?

“Lords of Chaos” is an agile, vibrant and unique hybrid of biopic, horror and teen-angst that recounts the tragic and terrifying real events that pertain to the infamous history of the black metal band Mayhem from a treatment as provocative and reckless as definitely stimulating. And is that the rigor of the truth of the story directly collides with the transgression of it. Here there is room for huge blood baths, for excessive gore shocks, for the torture of animals, satanism, suicide, or even casual Nazism. All this under an extremely macabre and equally unprejudiced comic record, although it does not feel paradoxical, much less light. His virtuous ability to avoid bad taste or screw up in the politically incorrect when everything points to it is undeniable and at least praiseworthy.

Under this premise, the new and striking film by Jonas Akerlund we can identify as a leap without a network that, beyond telling us chronologically and in first person (the voice-over of the deceased Eponymus guides the whole story) the history of the group from its foundation until its first dissolution, it also stops at the relationship of bizarre rivalry between its two main leaders. A clash of egos whose friendship was always governed by the envy they professed for each other and in the competitiveness brought to its most extreme consequences. Not so much in terms of seeing who can do more, but in terms of who ends up becoming the true leader.

Praiseworthy conglomerate of attributes that would elevate “Lords of Chaos” to one of the most remarkable proposals of Official Section if it were not for two defects that for a server are fragrant. First, its submission to commercial scope. Let me explain, it is quite incongruous that a film begins with an emphasis on Welcome to Norway , which constantly insists on its Norwegian roots and how it affects it, which does nothing but repeat the motto of true norwegian black metal , be spoken in English. Even more so in the case of the staging of a real story. Nor is consistent with his treatment and tone that a work in which constantly resonates black metal ends to the sound of Sigur Ros. Anyway, you know, who pays. It’s the toll.

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