Atlàntida Film Fest arrives in Portugal

Atlàntida Film Fest arrives in Portugal

Atlàntida Film Fest , Filmin’s online film festival, will celebrate its first edition outside of our borders starting next Monday, October 22, and for a month . Filmin Portugal, the Filmin platform in our neighboring country, will be responsible for organizing the event, which in Spain closed its eighth edition last July registering a total of 70,000 spectators. In this first experience the program will be integrated by 13 feature films , all of them unpublished in Portugal. Emphasize titles that triumphed at Atlàntida Film Fest this summer, such as the controversial “Holyday”, debut by Isabella Eklöf, or “Samantha Hudson” by Joan Porcel, the genuine portrait of the popular queer artist who gives the film its title. This is the complete festival schedule:

HOLIDAY – Isabella Eklöf, Denmark, 2018, 90 ‘

LES GARÇONS SAUVAGESBertrand Mandico, France, 2017, 110 ‘

SAMANTHA HUDSON – Joan Porcel, Spain, 2018, 60 ‘

BLUE MY MIND – Lisa Brühlmann, Switzerland, 2017, 97 ‘

SAMI BLOOD – Amanda Kernell, Sweden, 2016, 115 ‘.

THE SAINT BERNARD SYNDICATE – Mads Brügger, Denmark, 2018, 100 ‘

L’ORDINE DELLE COSE – Andrea Segre, Italy, 2017, 112 ‘

BELINDA – Marie Dumora, France, 2017,107 ‘.

I AM A KILLER – Maciej Pieprzyca, Poland, 2016, 117 ‘.

AMATEURS – Gabriela Pichler, Sweden, 2018 ‘102’

HUNTING FLIES – Izer Aliu, Norway, 2017, 106 ‘

H EAVY TRIP – Juuso Laatio, Jukka Vidgren, Finland, 2018, 92 ‘

BANKSTERS – Marc Roche, Jérôme Fritel, France, 2018, 87 ‘

All films will be included in the catalog for subscribers, who can also vote for their favorite title.

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